Music-in-Motion Workshop and Performance Opportunities

for chamber ensembles and individuals 


[A simple yet revolutionary idea.

By removing music stands and chairs and projecting the sheet-music on screens, musicians are now able to use an open performance space in new ways: they can move around and use their body language, gestures and movements to project and portray both the content and meaning of the music.]


[Music-in-Motion means playing from a projected image of the full score or from memory, without music stands or chairs on stage. The performance space is used creatively to project the content and meaning of the music to the audience.]


Music stands and chairs are removed and the music is projected on screens or played from memory. This creates a new dynamic whereby the performance space and the musicians themselves become part of a changes the stage dynamic from passive to active, bringing new visual element to the performance - use of the means that the performing space   or played from memory. Tperformed , so that the musicians meaning that the performance space changes from static to dynamic. / become part of the


An invigorating new approach to performing classical music.

Music-in-Motion aims to inspire the general public to experience classical music as the powerful, vital life-force we know it to be. Not as a duty, or something that is good for them, or which needs their charity!



See below how you can be involved:



Both regular chamber ensembles (minimum of three players excluding piano), and individual musicians from conservatoire level to professional, are invited to apply to take part in Music-in-Motion workshops.


The workshops will be led by John Landor with occasional assistance from theatre and dance directors. They are an opportunity to discover, develop, experiment and train in Music-in-Motion techniques, and are offered free-of-charge.



Selected workshop participants will be invited to take part in performances. No fees are offered initially, but we plan to promote some performances on a profit-share or fee- basis in the near future. Ultimately we aim to create a fully professional Music-in-Motion ensemble for regular performances and tours. And if you are already in a regular chamber ensemble, we could help you stage your own performances using Music-in-Motion.


How to apply

Please email with your information, with links to any audio and/or video if you have any. If you or your ensemble seem suitable, we will contact you to discuss how you might become involved.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Meanwhile, have a look at our Music-in-Motion videos





Musicians say:


It was very empowering!


I felt I had the freedom of a soloist.


It was amazing to play next to a completely different instrument!


I could hear the other parts better.

Audiences say:


It was dynamic, fresh and exciting!


The musicians seemed more involved.


It made me understand better the role of each musician.


There was a living sense of music-making!

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